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Accepting the Best of the Best

Submission Guidelines and more - Please read before you submit!

:bulletblack: Submissions are limited to one every month, per deviant.
:bulletblack: Only the best works that we feel worthy of a Daily Deviation will be accepted. If your work does not get accepted please don't be offended and keep trying!
:bulletblack: Just because one of the admins doesn't accept your work does not mean that it will never get a DD. Our aim is to accept the best of the best and ensure the highest quality of work in our galleries that is possible.
:bulletblack: All accepted deviations get suggested for a Daily Deviation by at least one of our Administrators if not several. Some of our members might suggest as well. We can't promise you anything, though.

:bulletblack: If your submission isn't replied to after a while be patient and I'm sure we'll get round to it! We're a really busy group and sometimes it just seems to take forever, even though we're trying to do our best. I hope you can understand why submission times are like they are. :)
:bulletblack:If your submission expires please note the Founder or Co-founder with the thumb of the expired submission and we will review it for you
:bulletblack: Our Accepted DD's folder has now moved into the featured folder. These briliant deviations are now highlighted on our home page.
Thanks! :heart:

Random from Featured for Points

:heart: Feature your work for just 20 points!
You are guaranteed a comment and a fav from Heltinde :heart:

Random from Contributors

Featured for giving time to the group. If you are Moderator please feel free to submit works to this folder :heart:


Gallery Folders

deviation in storage by Seilf
What do I do if my submission expires?

:heart: If your submission expires, we kindly ask that you send Heltinde, CaryM (her response may be delayed) or Daily-Deviations a note. Please add a link to the piece that has been expired. We will take care of your problem as soon as we can.

Can I be a Moderator for the Group?

:heart: We are always looking for gallery moderators here at Daily-Deviations. If you're interested in becoming a moderator, please send a note to Heltinde or Daily-Deviations. We have a couple questions to ask of you before we can fully consider adding you to the admin team, which will be sent to you via note. Please keep in mind that some categories are full one admins, so if you would like to moderate a certain category there might not always be a spot.

What do I do when I submit to the wrong category?

:heart: If you submit to the wrong category, all you will need to do is visit your submission process ticket in your correspondence message center and click the withdraw button. Once that is done, your submission will be withdrawn and you can re-submit to the proper category.
If you don't know how to do this, please view the following helpful tutorial:  

Can I get a DD on [this piece here]?

:heart: Here at Daily-Deviations, we do not have the power to actually feature Daily Deviations here on DeviantART. Our aim in this group is only to accept "the best of the best" (which is a standard set by pre-existing Daily Deviations) and once a submission gets accepted, we will suggest it to one of the Community Volunteers on dA who can feature a DD.
If you would like to personally suggest one of your works (or someone else's work), please contact a Staff member listed here: FAQ #18: Who selects Daily Deviations and how are they chosen? (** Please be sure to suggest to the right Volunteer. For example, if you are suggesting a Photograph, contact a Photography admin.)

Do accepted works get suggested for a DD?

:heart: Yes! If your work gets accepted here, you can be sure that at least one of our admins here suggests your work to a Staff member (listed here: FAQ #18: Who selects Daily Deviations and how are they chosen? ).
Please note that some of our admins can be quite busy and won't be able to suggest right away, but we can assure you it will get done. We can't promise anything, though.

Can we submit other peoples' works?

:heart: YES! And we highly suggest that you do! All you have to do is go about submitting their piece like you would with your own; submitting to the gallery. If you have further questions about this, please ask!

How do I suggest a Daily Deviation?

:heart: Remember: here at Daily-Deviations we do not have the actually power to feature Daily Deviations on DeviantART. We only feature and suggest to the Staff of the site if your work gets accepted here.
If you would like to suggest your work or someone else's work, please consider contacting Staff about it. You can find a list of Staff and the categories they moderate here: FAQ #18: Who selects Daily Deviations and how are they chosen?

Is this group dead?

:heart: Occasionally we get this question, and it usually pops up around summer and holiday times.  To address this: we are very sorry if your work expired or we could not respond to a comment/question in time. A lot of the admins here are very busy with their offline lives and sometimes it can get hard for us to find the time to get online. We're sorry if this creates any inconvenience for you.
If your submission expires, please note Heltinde about it. If you have any questions that have not been answered, we will try to respond to you as soon as possible.

Does this group have contests or activities?

:heart: Yes! We have had some in the past, and some are being planned for the future. We want the best for all our members and we want you to have fun! If you are interested, please keep an eye out for future journals about Contests or Activities.
But with contests, there comes prizes. If you would like to donate for future prizes, please contact Heltinde about anything and we can sort something out.

Are there any rules for this group?

:heart: We don't have any set-in-stone rules here at Daily-Deviations, but we do request that you consider your common sense. We do not tolerate stolen works, and we request that any mature content will be flagged appropriately as so. We ask that you do not harass any one of our members and/or non-members. Please refrain from spamming and self-advertising on our comment section. Thank you.

What is the "Best of the Best' and what are your standards?

:heart: This is a fantastic question, in all honesty. We fully understand that what is good and what is bad is entirely subjective. We always try to be as fair as possible when accepting/declining any works submitted to our group. Our standard is set by the pre-existing Daily Deviations that have been featured by the Staff and by the pieces we have accepted here that have received DDs. We try to follow this standard as close as possible.
Sometimes, however, you must understand that we are, in fact, humans with different tastes.
If your submission gets declined, please do not get discouraged. Just because we declined your piece does not mean it will never be able to get a Daily Deviation.

Can someone tell me why my piece got declined?

:heart: If your piece got declined and you did not receive a reason why, please feel free to comment on the submission process and ask if you could get some extra feedback. You may also note Daily-Deviations about it. Please note that we may be busy sometimes and might not be able to answer right away.

If you have any other questions not listed here, please feel free to comment below or note the group or the Founder/Co-Founder. We might have missed some important questions! Let us know if we should add more questions and answer them here.
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